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We offer services for all your denture needs

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Professional Care

John Egan has 38 years experience in the the dental industry and prides himself on quality, experience, and understanding

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Immediate Dentures

All dentures are tailored for each budget and are made over 4-6 appointments – sometimes longer depending on the patient and the patient needs. Each patient is carefully examined and a treatment plan explained before reaching an agreement to begin. Patients are encouraged to bring a support person if they wish or we can phone a relative if this is required to explain treatment.

These are dentures that are put straight in after your teeth have been extracted – hence the name immediate dentures.

This treatment involves:

  • The patient chooses the teeth and shade
  • An initial appointment where impressions are taken
  • Seeing the dentist for extraction(s)
  • Placement of dentures by dentist

After the sockets heal, the patient can return to TOTAL DENTURES for further treatment. The fee for this includes two soft tissue temporary liners that are placed inside the denture for patient comfort while healing is taking place.

After a 3-month healing period, the patient is required to have the dentures relined at an extra cost. This period can increase depending on the rate of resorption and remodelling of bone. i.e. when shrinkage has occurred, and pain subsided.

During shrinkage and bone formation the original position of the teeth can change. So where the original patients teeth were with shrinkage of the gums now the bone is further in at the sides and back further in the front teeth. At the reline stage the patient may be advised that a new denture may be necessary.

It is at times pertinent to remember that the mouth changes considerable and while every effort is made by TOTAL DENTURES to provide a workable immediate denture, the conditions of the mouth post extraction will dictate whether that denture can be 1) placed in position and 2) functional.

Many ‘events’ happen during the shrinkage period. This can be discussed with John when you are considering this form of treatment.

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