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John Egan has 38 years experience in the the dental industry and prides himself on quality, experience, and understanding

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Implant Overdentures

Implants are placed in your gums by an oral surgeon that works with TOTAL DENTURES. He will check that you have enough bone to anchor the implants. Typically the implant abutments are placed in the jaw and after healing occurs, the housing is placed in the dentures and dentures are placed in the mouth. These can click on and off the implants holding them firmly in the mouth.

John Egan has an extra qualification that enables him to check the implant abutments (part above the gum) and replace if necessary. At all times, John will take advice from, and check with, the oral surgeon. With implant overdentures all aspects of treatment are thoroughly discussed as part of a TEAM APPROACH which TOTAL DENTURES thoroughly encourages and believes in. “No man is a mountain” and we can all work towards making the patient treatment as thorough and functional and enjoyable as possible.

Implant Overdentures: How They Help

The titanium screw is placed into the bone with minimal surgery. A flap is cut either side of the surgical site and a screw is inserted. The bone will grow up the screw, which is the distinct advantage of titanium. Then the stainless steel abutment is then screwed into the titanium. The dentures housing sits on the abutment firmly.

implant Overdentures not only help secure the.denture to your gums but can give confidence in social and private settings. Literature has noted that in intimate settings, having a secure denture by implants can be psychologically comforting to the individual.

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