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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures come in a variety of materials.
*Flexible Nylon
*Cobalt Cnrome Metal framework.
The material used depends upon the budget available and also the type of denture required for adequate treatment.

In partials it is best to look at the affect the type of partial used will have on the remaining teeth and this is looked at in conjunction with a dentist who screens the mouth to make sure it is dentally fit to have a partial denture. This is called an Oral Health Certificate (OHC) that
TOTAL DENTURES need to make a partial denture for a patient.

Types of Partial Dentures

Metal partials are the strongest and are advised where the bite is close and the bone is strong. 

Flexible partials are increasingly popular, also very strong and very comfortable, Valplast is used for single tooth application and Thermosens is used for larger appliance as this provides a differing type of flex that is more rigid.

Acrylic partials are bulky but can be added to and are usually kept in by stainless steel wire clasps. However acrylic partials are not as strong as the other types and extra care must be exercised with these.



Many clinicians send their partials to China to be made. Be aware of this and ask your operator if this is the case.


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