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Range of Services

We offer services for all your denture needs

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Professional Care

John Egan has 38 years experience in the the dental industry and prides himself on quality, experience, and understanding

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Two Convenient Locations

We have two great locations in Havelock North and Napier

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Upper and Lower Dentures

All dentures are tailored for each budget and are made over 4-6 appointments – sometimes longer depending on the patient and the patient needs. Each patient is carefully examined and a treatment plan explained before reaching an agreement to begin. Patients are encouraged to bring a support person if they wish or we can phone a relative if this is required to explain treatment.

Standard Dentures

These are our standard fully functional “no frills” set of dentures.

All dentures use quality teeth and acrylic. The Standard denture teeth come in a limited shade:

  • Light
  • Medium light
  • Cream
  • Medium cream
  • Dark
  • Medium dark

The acrylic used is high quality German brand Vertex.

Premium Dentures

*Top of-the-line product that is fully custommade for your personal facial features.
*This can involve using different teeth moulds to give a more characterised appearance.
*High quality teeth which natural tones to compliment your facial features.
*Premium dentures take a little longer to complete as every small detail is thoroughly investigated before completion.
*These dentures use superior quality European teeth available in many natural shades that have translucent incisal edging and the acrylic for the base is a high-resilience, which is very strong.

Extra features
*Staining of acrylic which can be used to make the denture ‘gum’ more like your original shading
*Hard bite large or boned individual a stronger high Impact acrylic.
*With flat lower bone it is recommended to have a soft liner as a cushion.
These features incur an extra fee.l

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